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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

7 Essential Day to Night Makeup Tips

1. Deepen your eyeshadow if you wear neutral tones during the daytime. Adding a darker shade and blending it into your crease will give you that sultry look you desire.

2. If you’re not wearing lash extensions, grab your favorite pair of lash strips. Twitchez, a cosmetics brand based out of Dallas, Tx, has the most comfortable band lash strips that I’ve ever worn. Check out all the styles they offer at

3. Add definition with a black liquid eyeliner.

4. Get your brow game STRONG! Tame those babies! Farmasi has a great brow wax, and it’s very affordable!

5. Pop on a bold red, burgundy or even a bold nude lip will have you “holiday party” ready.

6. Spritz on Time Lock setting spray from Farmasi and you’ll have a flawless look set for the night!

7. Blot excess oil with a translucent loose powder. And there you have it. A few simple tricks to go from office to after 5!

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