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Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Hey lash babes! Welcome to our blog. Here you’ll hear about some of everything from our side of this industry. We love lashing and you’ll see that our passion for it is way bigger than us…..but first, let’s get into what you should do if you’re getting lashes for the first time.

Before the big day, you should do a little research and ask your chosen lash tech questions. As many as you need to to feel comfortable. I'm the type of person who over thinks every big decision, so if you've never tried them and you want to know more about the process, I hope you'll keep reading.

Choose a lash tech and make sure he/she has the proper credentials for the state you live in because it varies from state to state. In Texas, you can choose from a licensed Eyelash Extension Specialist or licensed cosmetologist or esthetician that’s been trained to perform lash services.

Now here’s the good stuff. How the process actually goes.

1. The artist places a gel pad over the bottom lashes and then uses a sensitive medical tape to secure it in place. Doing so keeps the bottom lashes out of their way and protects the skin from the lash tweezers they are using.

2. The eyelash application then begins: Each extension is placed on an individually isolated natural lash. Depending on your eye shape and the health & strength of your natural lashes, the artist can decide what length and thickness would look best for you.

3. Pick up-Dip-Swipe-Place. That’s the rhythm of a lash tech. The lash artist picks up the extension off the lash tile, dips the extension into the adhesive, swipes it on your natural lash and immediately places it onto the isolated lash. It can take the glue for eyelash extensions 1-2 seconds to cure (dry) depending on the humidity.

4. This process continues on both eyes until you have a full, even set.

There is a lot of hard work and patience that goes into your lash extensions! You get to do the easy work because you just have to relax on a comfortable table for 1-3 hours, depending on your lash techs speed, lash tools and humidity in the room. Most clients fall asleep through this process. Free Nap with every lash service!

If you are looking to get your lashes done, I would highly recommend it. Classic or hybrid would be my suggestion for beginners. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. Classic lashes look more natural. Hybrid is more for those that want the full look but their natural lashes are not as full. Volume is more for those that like the strip lash look.

I hope this was helpful! For more inspiration, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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